Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Four Months Wesley!!

As is the case every morning, I walked into Wes' nursery on the morning of his four month birthday and was greeted with his huge smile. Every time I see that smile it lights up his face and melts my heart. We have truly been blessed with the happiest baby. He has started to giggle and it is the most wonderful noise. We spend our days playing together on the floor and trying hard to learn to roll over although we are not quite there yet. Wes' favorite time of day is till bath time. The minute we take him upstairs to get ready for his bath he instantly starts smiling and making his happy noises. Wes is a talker and talks to me all of the time. How quickly four months has gone by and before we know it we will have two little boys in the house rather than a little boy and a baby.

LOVE that smile!!

Halloween Weekend - Part 3

What an end to the weekend with Halloween night. It was so much fun to watch Trey run from house to house as this year he really got what it meant to go trick-or-treating. He was so adorable saying thank you after he would get his candy. We set up shop down the street and had a big block party with tons of food and fun.

Hanging out on Halloween morning

Kisses for Wesley

Wesley the pirate monkey

The monkey with his monkey treat bag

Trey the pirate with his pirate monkey

Argh - Captain Treybow!


Man this bag of candy is getting heavy

Daddy the pirate with his sleeping monkey - it was so hot outside that Wesley's costume put him to sleep it was so cozy with all the fleece

Stay away from my candy Owen

All hopped up on sugar and not wanting to go to bed

I love my Mummy (outfit change since our costume was so hot)

Halloween Weekend - Part 2

Saturday was a busy day starting with a trip to the zoo with Patty and the kids and Allison and Owen, and followed by a party at the house with great friends for the Florida-Georgia game. Go Gators!!

Wesley in his awesome Gator overalls sent to us by the Foster Family!!

Trey, Ava and Brad petting the llama at the zoo

The zoo was all decorated for Halloween - it was awesome!

The kids riding the train

Put asleep again by the fresh air

Playing in the splash park

Getting ready for bed in the Halloween PJs Nana gave to us

Halloween Weekend - Part 1

Halloween weekend was packed full of good times this year and so here it goes with Part 1. On Friday, Trey had his annual Halloween parade and party at school. It is amazing to say that this is the third one that we have been to - what a long way we have come from his first parade when he was four months old and wheeled out in a crib with the other babies. It is always so adorable to see all of the kids dressed up in costumes and the school does a great job with decorating and planning fun activities for the kids.

Trey has two best buds at school - here he is with his buddy Charlie

Here is Barrett - partner in crime No. 2

Such adorable costumes!

Eric, Allison and Owen came into town for the weekend so they came along to see the parade - I think Owen likes all the kids and costumes.

Waiting patiently for the party snacks - it was truly amazing how well behaved all of the kids were - I mean Trey is good at home but this was beyond what we see at home.

Trey's teacher - Ms. Jihan

Hanging at home after a day full of fun

Our friend Mike came over to see the boys and hang with Eric and Allison.
The boys love him!!

Ready for bed in our Halloween PJs from Aunt Wendy

Our Goofball - Trey

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Pumpkin Festival at Hunsader's Farm

The weekend before Halloween we headed down to Bradenton, picked up Trey and Wesley's second cousin Bobbi, and headed to the pumpkin festival at Hunsader's Farm. It was amazing how much bigger the festival was from when I was a kid. It was like a mini-fair and Trey loved every minute of it.

Fresh air always puts Wesley to sleep

Trey riding the train. Trey rode the same train a year ago for Belle's second birthday party and it was amazing to see how much bigger he is.

Bobbi and Trey on the train

Lately Trey is the king of the cheesy smile

Trying to get the boys together in a picture at the pumpkin patch was not an easy job - Trey kept wanting to give Wesley kisses rather than take a picture with him

The whole family - again hard to get everyone to smile and keep their eyes open :o)

Bobbi wanted to go on the bungy jump ride and of course Trey wanted to do what Bobbi was doing. I was shocked to see that you only had to be 2 in order to go on the ride. I thought for sure that Trey would get scared and decide not to do it but boy was I wrong.

The higher Trey went the happier he was

The laughter and the smiles were priceless

Riding the pony ride

Getting his face painted

The finished product - Trey was so proud of it and was so careful not to touch his face

After the festival we headed to Aunt Tina's house for a family dinner as my Uncle Norman and Aunt Martha were in town for the weekend. A great time was had by all as you can see from the picture of a laughing Wesley above.

Babies, Babies and More Babies

Wesley is one lucky boy to already have so many friends in his life. In August our friends Ellen and Jeff welcomed their little girl, Audrey, and then in September our friends Tammy and Scott welcomed their son, Caleb.

Wesley meeting his girlfriend Audrey for the first time - isn't she beautiful?

Wesley and Audrey at Audrey's coming out party - can't you just see how cute this picture would be at a slide show at their wedding some day :o)

A playdate for Wesley, Caleb and Audrey - can you believe how big Wes is?